Asheville Tax Problem Resolution

Tax Problem Resolution In Asheville

At TLCPA, an Asheville CPA firm, we deal with the IRS so you don’t have to. If you have received a tax notice, call us today at 828-684- 6994. We’ll talk directly with the IRS for you and negotiate on your behalf. We speak their language and understand their rules / procedures.

As experienced tax professionals, we will get to work on your case immediately by taking a close look at your situation, laying out all your options, and contacting the IRS on your behalf. If you have unfiled tax returns, we can help you file them and avoid liens, levies and wage garnishments. If you owe money, we will work hard to find a solution. We’ll talk directly with the IRS for you and negotiate on your behalf.

Falling behind on filing your taxes can happen to anyone. Our locally trusted Asheville CPA firm specializes in Tax Problem Resolution for both businesses and individuals. We have the skills, experience and expertise to help resolve your tax debt, delinquent tax problems, tax disputes and unfiled tax returns. Our CPAs work with the IRS routinely, with many years of experience in providing effective tax solutions and representation before the IRS.

Ignoring IRS problems won’t help…and will only make matters worse. The IRS may levy your bank accounts, place liens on your property, and garnish your wages or even your social security checks.

Facing the IRS alone is intimidating. You should always have someone on your side to solve your tax issues and negotiate the best possible settlement on your behalf.

Beware of deceptive claims to settle your tax debt for “pennies on the dollar”; At TLCPA we are trusted tax professionals experienced in filing legitimate offers with the IRS and State Tax Authorities.

How We Can Help…

Clearly Explain Your Options

Provide Relief From IRS Collection Procedures / Threatening Letters

Resolve Payroll Tax Problems for Businesses

File Your Back Taxes … Business and/or Individual

Negotiate a Payment Plan

Negotiate a Tax Settlement

Stop Bank Account Levies

Release Tax Liens

Stop Wage Garnishment

Develop a Tax Reduction Strategy (Reduce Your Tax Debt)

Help With an IRS Audit

Request Penalty Abatement

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Let Thomas L. Codington, P.A. help you put an end to your IRS worries! Call us today at 828-684- 6994. Ask for Tom or Mark.