Asheville Real Estate Accounting

Real Estate Accounting & Taxation In Asheville

A real estate CPA is an undeniably important member of your team that can play a HUGE role in your ability to:

  • Find and leverage as many tax advantages as possible (of which there are MANY for real estate investors).
  • Follow the legalities of our ever-changing tax code.
  • Keep track of your ongoing business transactions.
  • Stay organized, using a financial record-keeping system that makes sense.

This person is a vital component of your business.  If you’re trying to wear this hat by yourself, you most likely are either leaving money on the table OR working a lot harder than you need to.

Founder and owner, Thomas L. Codington, is not only a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Tax Planner, but is also an active real estate investor himself.  Because Tom believes in the advantages of real estate investing so much, he has a real passion for helping other investors maximize the tax advantages available to them.  Accurate accounting records are essential in making sure that all allowable deductions are captured in the accounting system.  In addition, proper entity structuring is very important not only for tax savings, but also for asset protection.  

Our real estate accounting and taxation services include:

To make sure you are benefiting from as many tax advantages as possible… call Tom today at 828-684-6994.