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Personal Financial & Retirement Planning In Asheville

People can get control of their financial future only by understanding exactly how each decision they make now…will ultimately determine how they will live in retirement.  Our firm starts creating a plan for your retirement by gaining a solid understanding of your unique goals and by assessing your current financial status.  We do this with the highest level of trust, integrity and respect while always collaborating using a team approach.

The planning process helps you get a better understanding of what needs to happen in order to reach your retirement goals.  It is also important that you can measure, along the way, whether you are on track.  For that reason, our team will help you not only get organized, but define your budget and track your spending so that you can get better control of your money.  With easy-to-understand reporting, you can get a better idea of your household spending and find opportunities to squeeze more out of your hard-earned money, and ultimately, save more for the future.

Your financial plan is not complete unless you have considered all the pieces to the puzzle.  Leave out one piece and your future financial picture may be less desirable.

How do you know if you are on track now and will be ready for retirement when that time gets here?  Or, if you are in retirement now, how do you know if you will have enough money to fund your expenses the rest of your life?

To begin with, you must run the numbers.  Analyze different scenarios considering certain assumptions such as taxes, inflation, your spending during retirement, retirement dates and other key considerations.  Then, you will get a better understanding of what you need to do to have a plan that is desirable and achievable.

A good retirement plan starts with accurate information.  We need to assess exactly where you are today.  Just as important, we need to document all of your goals – from retirement dates to the lifestyle you want for you and your family down the road.  We discuss travel goals, possible home improvements, gifting and education planning, along with personal goals you may not have yet discussed or even considered.  Other goals may include paying off all debt, acquiring assets, purchasing a “get away” spot, moving to your “final” home or providing for future generations.

The planning process continues by working through scenarios to “solve” the equation – discussing all the significant assumptions with you and paying close attention to how these assumptions affect your plan.  Our objective is to arrive at a set of variables that you can live with.

Why Plan?

While the benefits of planning are numerous, it is important to note that the most important benefit is improving your chances of reaching your goals. You see, with planning you now have a target to aim for. With a plan, you have a much better idea of what you need to do month-to-month. You’ll know how much you can spend, how much you need to save and whether or not you are track as you go through life.

Other benefits that are important to note is a feeling of accomplishment. This can reduce stress and lead to better decision-making. And, it can set an example for your loved ones, who may be watching you for guidance.

So, whether you are trying to figure out when you can buy your first home or calculating when you will be able to retire, it’s never too late to start the planning process. Even if you are in retirement and want to make sure you do not run out of money, let us run the numbers – you need a plan to follow!

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