“The old saying ‘experience is the best teacher’ took on new meaning for my wife and me this year as, at theoretical ages of retirement, we parlayed our decades of professional pursuits into not one but two startup business enterprises.

Acknowledging our mortality, however, we also began investigating how real estate equity might help facilitate some form of eventual ‘senior living,’ a potentially rough road to travel with my income having taken a hit from corporate restructuring within the past five years. Overlaying all these transitions was an additional concern—the implications of federal tax liability.

It became clear that this combination of complexities required a level of guidance and support that only the most seasoned, skilled and well-connected financial professional could provide.

Thomas L. Codington and his staff immediately enveloped us in quiet efficiency, thoughtful creativity, and clearly heartfelt care. It’s a rare environment where such an in-demand cadre of highly qualified people can still make each client feel as though he or she deserves the top-most priority.

And it’s refreshing to find an organization that actually surpasses its own mission statement to ‘simplify your financial life and give you peace of mind,’ while welcoming the ‘responsibility to add long-term value to our relationship and being passionate about helping you succeed and reach your personal and business goals.’ For all that and more, Tom, thank you.”

-Bill Lenz, Media Producer, Asheville, NC


“I have personally done my own individual, corporate and partnership taxes for over 40 years. For those of us that do our own taxes, I consider my understanding of the tax code to be in the 1%. I have been audited 5 five times and as of now, the IRS has never gotten any additional money from me. Sometimes I get more money back after the audit. I say all this because no matter how much you think you know, it is always good to have someone else look over your work.

After Tom Codington’s presentation at the Carolina Real Estate Investor’s meeting a few months ago, I figured that there are enough changes to the tax code, that I needed professional overview of my prior year tax returns. This would also help to develop a strategy to minimize the impact of taxes for future years. Tom and his team went over my prior tax return in detail. They uncovered some errors that I had made and were able to increase my IRS and state refunds by more than $4,000 for 2011. I subsequently went back and also filed an amended return for 2010 and picked up an additional $5,000. Needless to say, I was very happy with Tom’s work and would encourage everyone to occasionally get professional help. If nothing more than to review your returns for errors after you complete them yourself. Tom’s phone number is 828-684-6994.

Tom’s company logo is “Committed to Excellence.” In my case, they hit their goal.”

-John Maltry, Real Estate Investor


“Tom Codington’s firm provides prompt personal responses to any questions, whether sent via email or phone messages. The willingness to meet at almost a moment’s notice is very considerate and rare.

Besides completing our personal and business taxes on time and with no complications, Tom’s association with a financial planner was the home run. The tax planner and Tom have sat down with us several times as I contemplated retiring. They both ran different scenarios as to how best to serve us (tax and financial wise) in the future.

If you want a competent, personal and efficient accountant, I highly recommend Tom and his company.”

– Tom & Debbie Arzberger, Sure Starts Partners, Asheville, NC


“Working [with] Tom and his team of professionals was a great experience.  All of my emails and phone calls were returned promptly and I felt that I was genuinely cared for.  Looking forward to my continued relationship with Tom and his team.”

Service Category: Accountant
Year first hired: 2013
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

-Rodrigo Afanador


“Dear Tom,

We wanted to thank you and your staff for helping us amend our 2012 federal and state income tax returns. In the past I have prepared our simple tax returns, but our 2012 tax return wasn’t so simple.

After filing our return, I kept thinking something is not right. So, we made an appointment with Tom and we are so thankful we did! Tom found that we had overpaid on our taxes, and he was able to amend our return with a very large refund back to us.

From now on, we will let the experts take care of our tax needs.

We are very grateful to Tom for all his experience and for the wonderful customer service we received from him and his staff.

They truly delivered excellent customer service with their knowledge, speed, and their professionalism.”

-John & Penney Stine


“What I like most about working with the Codington firm is the ease of filing a fairly complicated tax return and the confidence that it will be done professionally.

At the start of tax season, they provide me a detailed “organizer” which reminds me what documents I need to dig out of my files and provide them. Once I have done this on a cold day in February and delivered it to them, my job is virtually done. Then in March, I pick up my package, sit back in my easy chair and review the well organized, clearly presented return. If I have a question, it is answered promptly and in language even I can understand. If I have a question or penalty from the IRS, as I did once, I just take it to Tom, knowing that he will protect my interests. Hey, that a good slogan for them –JUST TAKE IT TO TOM.

All of this for a reasonable fee. I am very satisfied, have recommended and will continue to recommend them to others.”

– Marshall Courtney, Asheville, NC


“Our decision to work with Thomas L. Codington, P.A. was based on a solid relationship that had been established with our company 25+ years ago. Now that I own the company, I would not want to make a change that would interrupt such a good business relationship.

Tom and his staff have a genuine passion for helping maintain our business’s finances at any level. Tax time or not, we are provided with a comprehensive financial picture which details our business performance and equips us to make the right financial decisions throughout the course of the year.

Honestly, when you have a CPA that has a long running track record of accuracy, reliability and concern for keeping your business on the right side of the ever changing tax laws, it’s a “no brainer.”

If you’re looking for a CPA firm whose staff is professional, polite, caring and conscientious of your business and/or personal financial position, then give ‘TLCPA’ a call to set up an appointment. They’ll keep you and your business informed and up to date!”

– Steve Hansen, President, Alan H. Shaw Co, Inc., Asheville, NC


“The Codington Group works with me as a partner. They understand my work style and unique aspects of my company. Their team of professional bookkeepers and accountants take my company files and complete complex reconciling and balancing. I’m so grateful for the way they pick up and complete my work and keep me on track!

I chose Thomas L. Codington, P.A. as my CPA firm because they took time to learn about me and my company, and my vision for things. They care about me and my success. They do their work with a clear mission purpose and a heart for people. I highly recommend them as friends and professionals you can count on!”

– David Gibson, President, Homestead Services, Inc., Asheville, NC